Dr. Sharon Rogers

Inventor, Sportscale
August 2, 2016 · Pitt County Development Commission

When it comes to getting into the game, Dr. Sharon Rogers is a triple threat. She’s an Educator, a Certified Athletic Trainer and an Inventor. With her invention, athletes will be much less threatened by dehydration.

Rogers designed the Sportscale, a kiosk-like device that combines a typical scale footplate with a computerized data retrieval system and fingerprint identifier. By monitoring athletes’ levels of dehydration during sports practices, the Sportscale will more efficiently ensure the safety of athletes at risk for dehydration while saving time during weigh-ins at practices. Her prototype was developed and fine-tuned in Pitt County, and Rogers was issued a U.S. patent for the device in February 2015.

Rogers, who teaches in the Department of Health Education and Promotion in the ECU College of Health and Human Performance, envisions the sports of football, wrestling, soccer, cross country to benefit from her invention, especially in high schools. She also hopes to make it applicable to the military, public safety and other jobs with fitness requirements